Whatsapp Plus Apk
Whatsapp Plus Apk

Whatsapp Plus Apk – Download Whatsapp Plus Apk V9.60.0 Free For Android

Hey, Guys Welcome To The Apkmarketworld, As We Know Now Mostly People Prefer The online chatting with friends and colleagues And there are also so many options available in the market like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, BuddiesConnection, Telegram And so on So here is one more best application going to introduce to you all that is Whatsapp plus Apk.

Whatsapp Plus Is The Modded Apk Of The Original Whastapp App With More Addon Functionality Which You Cannot Get On Original Apk. So, Are you looking for the latest version of Whatsapp Plus Apk 2020?

If Yes Then you have come to the best place in the apk market world. So What are you waiting for? The link is have been given End of the Post. This link is totally pure as you want So Click On The Link And get it without any trouble so go for it.

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Whatsapp Plus Apk Is Available For Android SmartPhones

There are so many versions available in the market and don’t make confuse your self we are proving you the latest version of the Whatsapp Plus app, And this version of Whatsapp Plus App Contain the Advanced feature of itself. These functions are totally cool And I am damn sure you are going to love these features.

So I am going to introduce you to these features like Video call Function having a new update, You can hide Gray Tick, Bluetick, You also can hide your last seen option, Also available Hide option for your typing And recording status in group chats, And so many features are available on Whatsapp plus latest version.

Due to some reason, Whatsapp plus Apk Previous version has been banned by the officially But Whatsapp Plus Latest version Is ani-ban Version, so this also a piece of great news for the consumers.

Whatsapp Plus The Latest version will work on the so many Smartphones, the phones are like mota, Vivo, Nokia, Oppo, Mi, Sony, And so many other smartphones. So now we are going to introduce you with Whatsapp plus apk download in details, Are you excited for it?

Whatsapp plus Apk

Whatsapp Plus Blue:-

Whatsapp Plus Blue One of the great Popular version in the Whatsapp app. This app contains many customizable functions. This Is One Of Th Most Popular Whastapp Mod App.

This application also is known As Whatsapp Blue, Whatsapp Plus blue developed by Rafalete, Who Developed by Spanish developer And invented in 2012, And that version was the most populated version of Whatsapp application, package name was as the original one. In this application hide option is available And so many other features are also available in it. the user can also change interface color this is also a great one.

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Is Whatsapp Plus App Different From Whatsapp App?

  1. Visual Themes:- If you want to change your Whatsapp Plus app theme then you can change it according to your Offered theme without any problem because this Whatsapp plus latest version developed to user friendly and easy to use. You can access 750 plus theme which is given to all Whatsapp plus user and its totally free themes But you should have the Whatsapp plus latest version then you can use freely.
  2. Many Emojis:- When Whatsapp Plus blue was developed there were limited options were available And as we know that through this emojis we can connect our feeling this was great option developed by them but due to limited emojis we could talk but with the latest version, we also can feel the chats And feeling of another person, Now this Application gives you 1000+ new emojis And smileys which is also great thing these options provided from Google Hangout. As we know that when we get great features comes with some drawbacks, there is also a drawback which is when Whatsapp plus send the emojis to Whatsapp then instead of emojis Whatsapp would get the question mark. So These are the drawbacks.
  3. Hide Your last seen:- I Would say that is the greatest function of Whatsapp plus apk because in Whatsapp blue you could hide the seems option but in you could not hide someone else last seen that was the lacks I did feel in that version but in the latest version you can do both things like you can hide your last seen with someone else last seen too so according to me this is the great one because while online Now you can hide both sides last seen.
  4. Automatic Reply:- Sometimes Happens we do some other work and we are not available for someone message reply then we can use this option which is also a cool option through this option you can reply automatically to other users. Is it Cool Option?
  5. Edit File Sharing Options:- This feature is important because sometimes we need the picture, document, Pdf, etc. you can send it according to need the quality of document  from 2 Megabyte (MB) o 100 megabytes (MB)
  6. Hd Video Call And Audio Call:- This application gives you had video And Audio calling options this is also a great one, daily life we do use most of it.
  7. Anti-Ban:- This application has Proof Apk so that this application can not ban official your account to using Whatsapp plus the latest version, so guys download it now.
  8. Hide the Bluetick:-  If you want that no one can not find that you have read the message then you can use this option when you use this option then you and other users can not find that is he/she read it?
  9. Theme:- Here are 100+ Beautiful theme is totally free available this is also cool.
  10. Hide the status:- In this feature user can hide their status from another user which is he don not want to show then he can hide it easily.
  11. Large Video:- In this feature users can send the large video To Another user up to 30 MB which also a great feature.
  12. Forward Documents:- If Any user wants to forward the document to another user then he or she can send the document files up to 100 MB which also a great limit.
  13. Group Members:- Some users have a great number of friends and know the person like 100 people, 200 people And more So Whatsapp plus latest version gives you 256 member limit and this huge number of the member groups.
  14. Send Photos:- Sometime the user has to send a large number of photos then the user can send the images more than 10 photos of high resolution Which is great.
  15. Voice Chat:- Here users can also do voice chat, sometimes we get lazy than we can do voice chat too.

Screenshots : Whatsapp Plus Apk

Whatsapp Plus Apk


Whatsapp Plus Apk download Whatsapp Plus download

Whatsapp plus Apk Download

Is Whatsapp Plus Legal?

If we use mod than this not legal. So this apk is also not legal But this apk work quite well because this apk is developed from the Original App. So don’t worry its totally secure and safe. Sometimes When users use the apk then that application uses the private server to store your data, because apk is not linked with the developed app. The conclusion is that they are totally different.

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How to Un-ban Your Number From Whatsapp Plus apk

  • Download the latest version.
  • Should Get chat backup And remove old version And Delete all the cache From the setting.
  • Then install the new version.
  • It should be a disabled auto-updated option.
  • You should not use the Hide status And ticks option.

Some Important Points Of Whatsapp Plus Apk:-

How to install the Whatsapp plus?

  • Download the Whatsapp Plus apk From The Given Link Below.
  • Now open the downloaded apk file whatsappplus.apk. After installing this application open it.
  • Enable Unknow Sources To Install Apk’s From Different Sources.
  • Now, your work is to verify your mobile no. and register your existing account no.
    Now restore your data and enter the name and choose your profile picture.

Whatsapp Plus Apk Details:-

  • Version: 9.60.0
  • Update: May 23, 2020
  • Size: 56.08MB
  • Required: 4.1
  • Category: Apk, Mod
  • License: Free

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Whatsapp Plus Apk – Whatsapp Plus App V9.60.0 Free For Android

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